Friday, May 26, 2006

Habit Of A Lifetime

Looks like I'm slipping into bad habits again. I have to force myself to keep writing entries in this blog. Part of the reason why I haven't posted for a couple of months is because we've moved 227.6 miles north. We're living in Scotland now, close to the Forth Bridge. Anyone who's ever seen this wonder of engineering up close will agree that it is an incredible sight. Every day it looks different.

So why have we moved up here? What possible reason could we have for uprooting our lives, leaving England and our families behind and cutting all ties with everything familiar? Well, why not? What's the significance of location anyway? I've lived in 11 different houses in 8 different towns over the last 27 years and it hasn't affected me. I can't understand these people that live their whole lives in the town they were born in. No imagination, that's what it is.